Physiotherapy that Delivers Results

I have used PTI for several years when I have ‘flare ups’ and find their services exceptionally profesional and the team receptive to my demanding needs, including scheduling. My highly qualified physiotherapist Brendon Hickey delivers results, and I strongly recommend him for targeted corrective relief. Eduardo Avila’s stretching classes have improved my quality of life. Thank you PTI.

Robert Gougeon


Weight Loss Journey with Eduardo

I have been working with Eduardo, as my personal trainer, for almost 2 years. In that time I have lost over 50 pounds and started downhill skiing again. I am 59 years old. Quite the accomplishment I say. And while I have put in my fair share of work, it would never have occurred if it had not been for Eduardo. What he has given me is gentle encouragement, some cheerleading, knowledge, expertise and a good dose of self-confidence. He has always led me to believe I could achieve my goals and has helped me set realistic ones. He has been my incentive for showing up, for participating and for being an avid partner in my fitness goals. His knowledge of nutrition has been instrumental in encouraging my weight loss gains. In summary, YAY EDUARDO!!!!

Helene Cohen


Eric and Simon

Personal Thank You for Personal Training

My second last training session with my personal trainer Simon Lamarche at PTI today
before I head out to South Africa! I’ve been working with this guy on a weekly basis
for the last year and a half now. I owe him so much! Thanks Simon!

– Eric Cardinal – Canadian Men’s Elite Team for Underwater Hockey



Personal Thank You for PTI

The aftermath of my total knee replacement surgery in November was, as I had been warned, a daunting experience marked by significant pain, episodes of explosive swelling, disfiguring bruising from my thigh to the bottom of my foot (which was apparently black!), and through it all, the oppressive requirement for constant vigilance to spot warning signs of infection or blot clots. It was a thoroughly nasty experience that I would not choose to repeat any time soon, despite the very positive outcome I am currently enjoying, with a return to relatively pain-free mobility. Nasty as the experience was, however, it would have been inexpressibly worse without the constant help and healing I received from experienced physiotherapist Pam Siekierski, well known to readers as the founder and owner of the Physical Therapy Institute (PTI) above the pharmacy at 350 Crichton St., and a longstanding and highly engaged member of our community. Prior to the surgery, Pam spent many hours preparing me for the ordeal with gentle exercises and inflammation-reducing treatments. On the day of my discharge from the hospital (a scant three days post-surgery), she responded immediately to my agonized appeal for help when my leg ballooned to a frightening size following ridiculously painful and demanding exercises inflicted by the hospital physiotherapy team shortly before I checked out. She appeared on our doorstep with fresh dressings for the incision, and skilfully taped my elephantine leg to channel the inflammation away from the new joint to the lymph nodes designed to deal with it. This was the start of an ongoing series of regular treatments at PTI, a series now into its third month, and which has borne fruit both in supporting and accelerating the healing process in my re-invented leg and knee, and in providing me with continuous care and guidance on everything from exercises to improve functionality (without agony!) to inflammation-fighting devices, post-surgical nutritional requirements, techniques to beat sleeplessness and even tasty recipes to tempt the palate. And before long, I’ll be in shape to avail myself of the fully equipped PTI gym where I can pursue my rehabilitation with a little more vigor and fully recover my strength. Not only am I extremely grateful to Pam for her exceptional care and kindness throughout the ordeal, I feel fortunate and grateful to be part of a community in which a first class, multi-faceted facility like PTI is so close at hand. And thanks to her skillful treatment, the clinic is now within easy walking distance for me, and the stairs are a piece of cake!

– Jane Heintzman


To the Ontario Physiotherapy Association:

When service is bad we don’t hesitate to complain, but when service is good we don’t always make remarks to the necessary people. For the last six months my 14 year old daughter, Erin, has been a patient of the PTI clinic of Pam Siekierski, Crichton Street, Ottawa and I want the physiotherapy community to know how Pam saved my daughter from horrible grief.

Here’s what you really need to know: In mid September of 2011 my daughter came to Pam with a knee problem. Pam worked hard to give my daughter the proper exercises to help correct the issue.In addition, she noted that Erin had postural issues that required more exercises and orthotics to correct a foot pronation problem.Over the next three weeks Pam carefully noted changes in Erin’s symptoms and thoroughly checked her over from head to toe to try to understand what was happening. In a calm, professional manner Pam referred us to a specialist as she was concerned that Erin had some kind of a neurological problem. She did this without alarming me, “the mom”, even though I thought maybe Erin had more than just a knee issue. As a result of Pam’s astuteness and careful attention to detail she saved my daughter from permanent damage to her spinal cord as the problem was an 11 cm arachnoid cyst inside Erin’s thoracic spine and it was slowly causing paralysis.

During the first scary days when I thought my daughter was headed for a life of misery, Pam was a huge support as she kept up to date with our situation either by phoning, or by visiting us at the hospital. Several weeks after the surgery we returned to Pam for Erin’s rehabilitation. Pam joined us for our first post-surgical visit to the neurosurgeon in order to make sure she knew exactly what had been done during the surgery as she wanted to take the best possible measure for Erin’s rehabilitation. Pam has several people throughout the region to whom she refers if further assistance is required. In our case, we have seen several people and Pam has often accompanied us.

What struck me from the very first phone call to the clinic was the personal touch offered at the clinic. The first time I called, Karen, the Office Manager was notably kind and helpful. All of the staff and the extended staff treat everyone the same: with kindness and compassion. I was surprised as most clinics process so many people through them that there is little time to get to know a person, or to reassure them that they will be well cared for. We are not the only people for whom Pam has extended herself as I have seen her add time to her day to assist people at home when they can’t come to the clinic.

I just wanted it be known that we consider Pam and all the staff of the PTI clinic to be more than professional and I am grateful that we had someone like Pam watching out for us during a really horrific situation.

– Sue Dzioba


What a Difference!

PTI has made a huge difference in my quality of life which involves a very active lifestyle, including sports (e.g., biking, swimming, skiing), work, travel and art as a painter. A relatively successful lower back surgery in 1990 left me with atrophy in one leg off-balancing my alignment leading to numerous related problems in upper and lower body. I also suffer from residual elbow tendinitis. I have been to many medical clinics over the years and have found that PTI is the most effective. I receive massage therapy from Oleg Volochay, who is amongst the best in the profession.  

– Robert Gougeon


Best Mobility in Decades!

I have been receiving physiotherapy at PTI for several years now. PTI has provided friendly, caring, and competent service.  

– Janice Birney


Highly Recommended!

I first came to PTI with a serious flare up of a longstanding lower back problem. Pam was brilliant at dealing with the flare up and got me back on my feet.

– Roger


Great Attitude!

We have been clients of Stuart Maskell for over five years, for group pilates and personal training. Our daughters, Alison and Jennie, are also clients. Stuart has customized programs to match our varying needs, abilities and preferences. He has a calm and reassuring manner of explaining each exercise and making corrections to ensure we are doing it right. He also has a good sense of humour and a love of life and sports. We keep coming back because we enjoy each workout and the results achieved over time.

– Gordon and Wendy Peters