PTI Physiotherapy

Our Registered Physiotherapists address the issues of stability, strength, flexibility and balance for rehabilitation and injury prevention. They use manual and taping techniques to help realign joints and correct muscle imbalances. Modalities are used to control pain and inflammation.


Orthotic Assessment

We refer our clients to Ottawa Foot Balance for gait analysis and orthotic assessment.


Why Physiotherapy?


The 14 Benefits of Physiotherapy
  1. Physiotherapy is actually one of the most beneficial treatment. The key benefits include:
  2. To evaluate physical problems
  3. Increase muscle strength
  4. Maintain muscle strength and endurance
  5. Restore joint range of motion
  6. Increase joint range of motion
  7. Increase balance & coordination
  8. Decrease pain
  9. Decrease muscle spasm and plasticity
  10. Decrease swelling and inflammation of joints
  11. Promote healing of soft tissue lesions
  12. Prevent contracture
  13. Improve mobility
  14. Educate patients and family
  15. Decrease stress


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