The PTI Gym

The PTI gym features cardio machines, universal and free weights, and space for personal training and classes. It is used for rehabilitation, personal training, Pilates, strength training classes, or for general use. PTI offers great membership and drop-in rates! Come see us at 268 Durocher St Today or Sign Up Online!



7 Benefits To Joining our Gym

You don’t have to get in shape all alone. Join our facility for support and fun. Benefits include:

1. Structure

A gym program designed for the individual by one of our personal trainers with input from other in-house health professionals encourages progress.

2. Commitment

PTI offers a drop in rate of $5.00 to help clients develop a sense of commitment as they see the long term benefit of regular workouts.

3. Access to Experts

You can take advantage of the professional and knowledgeable trainers in our gym. Trainers can guide you through your program without injury and adapt to changing needs with illness or injury.

4. Community

Having an exercise buddy definitely helps to achieve consistent results. Come to our gym  and you will come across  people from the community who regularly exercise at PTI. This can help you to stay motivated and focused.

5. Equipment

With a good balance of cardio and strength training equipment, workouts can be varied to maintain interest and progress.Balls and bands and balance equipment bring a different dimension to challenge our clients.

6. Classes

Women and Weights, Seniors and Pilates classes are offered and we are now introducing classes for those with Respiratory challenges.

7. Gym Drop-in

Come see for yourself what our community gym has to offer. For a $8.00 drop-in session, you can enjoy our facility. Bring a friend or come alone. We look forward to seeing you soon and showing you around.



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