Robert Black

Osteopathy/Massage Therapy

Formerly a refugee from the corporate world, Robert has been pursuing a lifelong passion for understanding, expressing and experiencing movement for over 25 years through various treatment and bodywork modalities. He is presently registered with a diploma in osteopathic manual therapy (D.O.) with S.O.C.A.T.O. and as a Massage Therapist with the C.M.T.O.

He began his present career 25 years ago by studying Mitzvah Technique, a posture and movement technique with roots in Alexander and , Feldenkreis work, with Nehemiah Cohen in Toronto. Also in Toronto, in the early nineties he collaborated with Amelia Itcush, one of the founding members of Toronto Dance Theatre, to open and run a movement studio, INTUMotion.

Since then he has pursued studies in Craniosacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Somatotherapy, Posturology, Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Masgutova Neuromuscular Integration, Les Chaînes physiologiques de Léopold Busquet,Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage and continues to research and study, notably in the fascia.