Registered Massage Therapist

MA, MT (Ukr), RMT

Oleg is a specialist in musculoskeletal dysfunction and uses soft tissue treatment (deep massage) as well as joint articulation and muscle stretching. Trained in Therapeutic Massage Therapy with a special interest in massage therapy for sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries.

In his practice he employs a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management and optimal health. His treatment methods involve highly specialized palpatory skills to assess and treat the health and vitality living within the patient. Such palpation focuses on the function of all tissues as expressed in posture, movement and all forms of homeostatic balance. Oleg incorporates many types of hands-on methods in his practice including neuromuscular technique, cranial, visceral, and myofascial release, counterstrain, proprioceptive retraining and muscle energy. Additional therapeutic approaches include therapeutic ultrasound, electrotherapy, vacuum cup therapy, etc. Oleg’s care is often provided in conjunction with other complimentary practitioners including Physiotherapy and athletic personal trainer.

Oleg, uses treatment methods based on the principles of modern schools of Osteopathy and Massage Therapy. Using personally developed techniques Oleg has prevented surgery in many patients. After the course of treatment, they have completely restored their health and resumed their normal activities. Oleg invented a device with complimentary rehabilitation and recuperation exercises that has benefitted many of his patients. Aside from his private practice, every year I travel to Ukraine to learn and update my skills, and since the beginning of the conflict in 2013, together with doctors and other specialists in the Central Military Hospital in Kiev, I have been engaged in the development and implementation of specific programs and techniques for the treatment of wounded soldiers. Additionally, I have been asked to teach and instruct specialists in that hospital, which I continue to do via Skype to this day. Clinically established results of improvement and recovery for the following diseases and conditions (recorded in case histories of my patients):

 Muscle pain

 Limitation of movement

 Whiplash / Strains / Sprains

 Joint / Muscle injuries

 Arthritis / Bursitis

 Stress / Depression / Fatigue / Stiffness

 Loss of Energy / Insomnia

 Headaches / Migraine / Fibromyalgia

 GI Disorders / Constipation/ Postsurgical recovery

 Kyphosis / Scoliosis / Sciatica

 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, etc.